Jeff Can Teach You Everything You Need To Know About Drumming!


Jeff can get you where you want to be…. and that’s PLAYING MUSIC!

For instance, did you know how easy it is to play really fast rolls and drum fills? 
(A few simple exercises added to your practice regimen and before you know it….
YOU WILL BE AMAZED WITH YOUR SPEED INCREASE!! (an incredible time saver.)

… Or … Did you know that once you learn how to apply the Proper Hand and Foot Technique’s… And Eliminate those bad habits that can happen SO easily, It can make your drumming so much easier and smoother?

It’s all about avoidance of the problems that waste your time and energy!

… Or … By learning the Rudiments (scales for drums) you can learn techniques that can be applied to the WHOLE DRUM SET ?

The bottom line is:  Jeff’s expertise can save you a LOT of time and frustration!


Interested in Jeff’s Drum Set Setup / Assembly Services?

• Jeff can teach you how to professionally tune and setup your drum set

• Acoustic Drums or Midi Drums ((Aka…electronic drums)) or perform the setup for you …It’s your choice

• Having your drum set configured in a Streamlined Ergonomic Fashion, can make performance so much more fun and effortless.

If you are interested in learning these skills, and I strongly encourage learning to setup and optimize your drum set … Jeff can teach you how.


Final Note: If you are looking to take drumming to a greater understanding and want to learn from a friendly knowledgeable teacher then

Jeff Wolfe is the only Logical Choice!!


Discover The Secrets To Playing Drums From Beginning To Very Advanced.

Over the years he has mastered the ability to optimize the learning curve to ultimately get the job done for all ages.

Let Jeff get you playing and having fun fast and easy!!

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