A Testimonial from another one of Jeff’s students:

Yoshio Sevea Testimonial

Yoshio Sevea playing Toxicity



Shauna Bahari Testimonial



Here is a Testimonial from one of Jeff’s students parents:

Dear Jeff:

Just wanted to say thanks again for your instruction-Alexander has learned a great deal. You couldn’t have done a better job. We look forward to him holding high this torch.

And now my testimonial…

My son, Alexander, who is 13 years old has been taking lessons from Jeff for about eight months and he has gone from simple to surprizingly complex beats.

He can also read drum notation, because Jeff made it so clear and logical. I would highly recommend Jeff. He is clearly a knowledgeable and experienced drummer and teacher.

Jeff is always very approachable and professional. You couldn’t find a better instructor.

Happy Holidays and Hugs to Puff Daddy, … Jeff’s fish!


Becky Weinthal
Alexander Weinthal – 13 years old
Huntington Beach, Ca.


Faith Wolfe Playing Drums

This is my daughter Faith Playing drums in one of my after school programs. She’s playing a piece of drum music I wrote out for the kids. She and one other are the only one’s that can play it in it’s entirety. otherwise all the other kids just play whatever exercise they are on. It works out pretty well.


A Testimonial from one of Jeff’s students:


My name is Tyler and I have taken lessons from Jeff for 4 years and I have to say I don’t regret driving nearly every Saturday morning from San Juan Capistrano up to Newport Beach to study drumming. In my 4 years with Jeff I have learned a great deal after 3 months of lessons with Jeff I played my first gig behind the drum set and I knew then that I COULD do this!

I am now a working drummer for multiple bands and I attribute my success to Jeff’s teaching. Drum lessons have developed my passion for music to the point now where I am going to continue studying music in college (USC on a Music Scholarship).

So basically, what I am trying to say is Jeff’s drum lessons don’t need to be just for aspiring drummers, they can be really for anyone. He knows extensive music theory, technique and the true fundamentals of drumming!… and most importantly how to teach in a relaxed environment that pushes his students to learn a great deal in a short period of time.

Another thing I should say about Jeff’s lessons is that there are NO AGE RESTRICTIONS!

I have seen students as young as 2 years old to people in there late 70’s come in to take lessons from him which is quite a feat in itself! Immediately his students, no matter how old can feel his teaching ability and sense his complete understanding of what he is doing.

Jeff can take the most uncoordinated person and have him or her playing drums in a fashion in a short period of time that would make their audience feel like that person had been playing drums for years.

I highly recommend lessons with Jeff because not only are they affordable, fun and productive. But, Jeff is the kind of guy that will never make you feel uncomfortable or put you down.

I’m happy to say…I now consider Jeff an older friend of mine who happens to teach me something new about drums every week.


Tyler Demorest – 16 years old
San Juan Capistrano, Ca.

Here is a Testimonial from another one of Jeff’s students parents:

I would highly recommend Jeff as a drum instructor.

He is a highly knowledgeable drummer / instructor.

It has been amazing to watch Jeff’s lessons turn my 9 year-old daughter, Tatiana, into quite a good drummer. She can now play AC/DC’s “Back in Black!”

His requirement of reading musical notation is exceptional.

In addition, he has an excellent ear when analyzing my daughter’s timing on her drumming, which is highly essential. At the same time, the environment of his lessons is fun.

Jeff always has positive reinforcement which has motivated my daughter to continue drumming. And, Last but not least, it’s cool that Jeff’s students get to practice on a professional drum-kit!

Tatiana Chavez – 9 years old
Ricardo Chavez
Huntington Beach, Ca.


An email Testimonial from another one of Jeff’s students parents:

Dear Jeff,

We wanted to let you know how wonderful your drum lessons have been for our 5 year old son Trevor. (he started at 4) We are so grateful that you were willing to take on such a young student.

Even though he clearly had a sense of rhythm and a keen interest, there were others that wouldn’t take him on, solely due to his age. We’re quite amazed at how well he has progressed under your instruction. He’s improving his concentration, is reading music and can pretty much keep a beat to any music he hears.

He’s learning to become physically aware of bad habits.

You push him to excel, yet are SO patient with him. When he gets frustrated, you are always giving him positive reinforcement, and showing him how to “just fix it and go on,” a lesson he can carry into many other experiences in his life.

You’ve helped nurture his self confidence and love of music. We only wish WE had started taking music at such a young age.

We can’t tell you how awesome it is to watch and listen to him enjoying making music!
Thanks for everything,

Trevor Curran – 5 years old
Debbie and Brad Curran
Tustin Hills, Ca.



A Testimonial from another one of Jeff’s students:

Never forget that you are never too old to learn to play music.

I’m 37 years old and I have always wanted to learn to play drums but always made excuses why I couldn’t. In 1990 I was 20 years old and decided I would start taking lessons.

 I went to Coast Music in Costa Mesa and gave this guy $100.00 for 4 lessons.

As I walked through the shop I noticed people playing instruments and became very nervous. The instructor took me into a sound proof studio and there was what looked like a 100 piece drum set. Now I’m very intimidated…. Needless to say I went to the one lesson and never returned. I regretted that decision every day for 15 years.

In 2005, fifteen years later I decided to go for it. I purchased a beautiful drum set and asked the kid I bought it from if he could recommend a good drum teacher. He handed me a flyer and that night I called Jeff Wolfe. I told him about my passion to learn the drums and he welcomed me with open arms.

I arrived for my first lesson and wouldn’t you know that this was the same guy that I went to 15 years earlier at Coast Music. This time it was completely different because his studio was set up in a way that was very welcoming and we practice on his top of the line Roland TD-20 V-PRO V-Drums. This makes for a very comfortable learning environment…. The feel and sounds are unbelievable!

I have been playing with Jeff for almost two years and he has helped me to become a confident and reliable player. Jeff truly cares about me not only as a student but as a friend.

I know most of his students feel the same way because when Jeff has a gig with his band the audience is usually filled with many of his students young and old. Jeff is truly passionate about what he does. He is a true professional in every sense of the word. If you want to understand music and not just play it you need to learn from Jeff. His knowledge and love for music is evident in his teachings.

He takes pleasure in watching his students succeed. I will continue to learn from Jeff for as long as I can. He has made playing the drums one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.

He has helped me accomplish one of my childhood dreams. I’m so thankful that I got a second chance to learn from one of the best drummers I have ever heard.
I recommend Jeff to anyone who is serious about learning to play. Good luck!!!

Craig Parks – 37 years old
Costa Mesa, Ca.

A Testimonial from another one of Jeff’s students:

Hey, Jeff from E-Rock

I Just want to shout out some kudos to Jeff Wolfe.

I am picking up drums again at the age of 35, I took several lessons as a teenager but stopped.

Jeff has been able to give me a vision of what drumming can be like for someone who truly has a passion for music.

His no non- sense approach to teaching is geared to help me do what I want to achieve quickly- to play drums.

His expertise in music is rooted deeply in theory and good technique however he is able to pass on that knowledge without bogging one down with too much info at one time.

He has the experience to know how much and of what a student can digest from week to week.
If you get the chance to see him perform in a “LIVE” Environment you’ll too know he can back it all up.

Jeff Wolfe is the perfect instructor for someone who wants to learn at their own pace in a stress free environment from someone who can do it all.   Best of Luck!

Eric Lizardo – 35 years old
Huntington Beach, Ca.

Another testimonial from one of Jeff’s students parents:

Jeff Wolfe is a remarkable drummer and teacher of drums.

My son, Wyatt, has been taking lessons from Jeff for the last 6 months. Wyatt looks forward to his lessons and seeing Jeff. Jeff instills a love of music into his students. Jeff is extremely patient and breaks down the complexities of music so his students understand and can achieve success and then build upon that success.

Jeff is a wonderful instructor but he is also a very caring individual.

I highly recommend Jeff to anyone, from those who are just thinking of starting up on the drums, all the way up, to accomplished drummers who want to perfect their skills.

I have been teaching for 25 years and love to watch great teachers.  Jeff is one of the best ever.

Wyatt Westling – 12 years old
Kurt Westling
Aliso Niguel, Ca.

Yet another testimonial from one of Jeff’s  students parents:

My 5 year old son, Will, started taking lessons twice a week from Jeff when he was 4.

He can now play many complex beats and a few songs as well.

Jeff always manages to mix up the work with the fun, letting Will play songs and practice fills and drum rolls. (Especially when it is evident his attention span is slipping  🙂

Jeff’s focus on teaching correct technique and good solid theory, no matter how long it takes, will serve my son for years to come. Jeff has become a friend of our family through his dedication to Will.

Our trips to Jeff’s for drum lessons have become a fun part of our weekly routine. Jeff’s patience is remarkable! Will really looks up to him and listens to him.

I would highly recommend anyone interested in becoming a drummer to give Jeff a call.
I know you will learn a lot, have a lot of fun and make a new friend in the process.

Will Anderson – 5 years old
Todd Anderson
Newport Beach, Ca.

Another testimonial from one of Jeff’s  students:

Jeff is more than an instructor.

He is a mentor, and a great friend.

When I began working with Jeff, I had been self taught for ten months, but he quickly noticed all the bad habits I had created over that period.

The first thing he did with me was show me the right techniques and helped me focus on overcoming my bad habits.He also battled my habit of tensing up when I played and continuously told me to make sure I am relaxed.Once he helped me beat my habits, everything he threw at me became easier to learn, not to say it still took some time to “get it.”

Every technique he teaches is difficult and challenging, and requires time and patience to learn it and “get it.”But, when I finally do get it, it is very rewarding to know I have become that much better.

Jeff is also the most patient guy I have ever met, and he has to be patient as a drum instructor. He of all people knows that everyone moves at their own pace. No negativity comes from Jeff. He only gives positive feedback and instructional criticism.

He lets his student know what they’re doing right and what they need to do better so the beat can flow smoothly.
I can’t imagine any other teacher having the ability to make their students feel comfortable, calm, and hopeful about their own progress.

Jeff knows the right formula to better drumming.

Over the two years I have spent working with Jeff, I have learned more about drumming and techniques than I ever could have imagined when teaching myself.

His lessons on drumming have also carried off into lessons about the music business, what to do, and what not to do, and production. With Jeff’s help, I have learned how to record my own music at an advanced level.

Without Jeff, I wouldn’t be a third of the musician I am now.

Jeff, you are the greatest mentor I could ever ask for, and a great friend.
Thanks for having the patience to help me become a better drummer and helping me step into the world of music.

Andrew Adamany – 20 years old
Laguna Niguel, Ca.

Another testimonial from one of Jeff’s  students:

I was 10 years old when I first knew I had a passion to want to play the drums. After playing for a year on the drum set my dad got me .
I started to study with someone that claimed he was a drum teacher.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take time to realize he did not even know what he was doing, and I was very unhappy with him. After I left him I was thinking to myself I might not find a good drum instructor.

So for the next year I was just practicing and playing music on my own. Then one day when I was hat the Guitar Center me and my dad found out about this
#1 recommended drum teacher guy named Jeff Wolfe!

And, that “Everyone” said he was so incredible!
So we checked him out and WOW!!!!!!!  Was I amazed!!!

I instantly knew that he was going to teach me incredible things on the drum set! I have been with Jeff for almost a year now and I have improved so much in that short amount of time!!

So much more than ALL of the 2 years before getting with Jeff playing drums. I had gotten so many bad habits and errors in my playing the drums. Jeff has been a great help to me and my drumming and has been inspiring me to keep on playing and taking it to the next level and beyond!

If you need a GREAT drum teacher you should go to Jeff!! Every week I go to drum lessons and it’s over 40 minutes away… but, it is SOO worth it!
Thanks Jeff for all of what you have done and do in the future with me.

And I will stick with the drums and keep on practicing hard.

Nate Corbett – 13 Years old
San Clemente, CA.

Another testimonial from one of Jeff’s longest lasting students to date:

Hi my name is Jenny.

I took lessons from Jeff for almost 14 years.

And, as one of his very “early on” students going back to when he taught in his own private studio at Coast Music in Costa Mesa. I could see his teaching style really grow over the years. He is creative, patient, and very fun to be around. Jeff really knows his subject well!

He fully instructs you on the core principles of music with regards to reading music and theory. Jeff has a vast ability to teach in all styles, uses very high-end equipment. Jeff also really knows the music industry remarkably well.

He also cares deeply for his students, and loves to watch them succeed. Jeff takes times to ensure that students hold the sticks correctly and understand all of the actual physics behind it. How to sit properly utilizing proper ergonomics to avoid injury and fatigue.

Jeff has a very keen ability to help in training the ear to pick out not just drums, but musical cues from all of the other instruments within the the band. He really shows you how to put the drums in the true context of the band unit.

Jeff really loves kid too! (I think the fact he has two children of his own helps with that fact) and I have witnessed kids respond VERY well to him.
I you, or someone you know wants to learn to play the drums, and get it right the first time.

Jeff is really the RIGHT guy to get the job done!
Jeff can teach you ALL you need to know to be successful with drumming!

Jenny Booth
Lake Forest, CA.

And yet, another testimonial from one of Jeff’s  students parents:

Jeff Wolfe is an amazing drummer and teacher!

My son, Ryan, has been taking lessons from Jeff for the last 6 months. Ryan loves going to drum lessons and always walks away feeling good about what he just learned.

Jeff’s passion for music is evident and instilled within each of his students. He is extremely patient and breaks down the complexities of music so students can understand and achieve success.

Each lesson, in turn, builds upon the students smallest achievement or vast achievements. Jeff not only teaches theory but, actually how to read and understand music notation which ultimately helps students from that understanding to gain confidence.

Jeff is a wonderful instructor and also a very caring individual. I highly recommend Jeff to anyone interested in learning how to play drums.
As a parent, there is no greater joy than to watch my son learn how to play drums and gain his confidence.

Very simply, Jeff Wolfe is the best!

Ryan Christopher – Age 8
Lysa Christopher
Newport Beach, CA.


And another testimonial from one of Jeff’s  students parents  🙂

My son Niklas has been studying with Jeff Wolfe for over a year now.
And, I am happy to say that he is really becoming a great drummer.
One, who understands Rhythm, Technique, and how to have fun with the Drums.

Jeff is very good with my son.

He really seems to understand how to talk to a child to get the lessons learned.

Niklas Silveira – Age 10
John Silveira
Garden Grove, Ca.


Another testimonial from one of Jeff’s  students parents:

Jeff Wolfe is an excellent and awesome teacher/instructor. My son Adrian started taking lessons from OC Drum School when he was 6.

Adrian is almost 8 now and believe me, coming from La Palma to Costa Mesa, which is about 20 miles one way every lesson is worth it. Jeff is very knowledgeable and patient especially with Adrian’s age group. I highly recommend OC Drum School.

Adrian Manual – 8 years old

Arnie Manuel
La Palma, CA


Another testimonial from one of Jeff’s students students:

Declan Sullivan – 12 years old – student for 4 years

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